Owl – Spirit Animals

This is the spirit animal of the Owl is this like you ?. The Owl is ability to see what others do not see, see beyond deceit and masks, have much Wisdom and the traditional meaning of the owl spirit animal is the announcer of death but more likely to mean a life transition or change. If this sounds like you comment below.


Tiger – Spirit Animal (Another Experimental Piece)

Another experimental piece with blue and purple Chameleon Pens. Like my previous post this is very different to my usual style but I really like the style and how it has turned out making it look a bit like my previous fox drawing. The Tiger’s spirit animal has a lot of will power and courage but also has a dark side of anger and aggression. Does this match your personality?

Turtle – Spirit Animal (not my usual work)

Creating this piece, I think this style is not like my work in the slightest. I was looking into using colour in my work but I think it has gone more into a realism pencil drawing. The turtle spirit animal is slow but has a lot of wisdom and is straight and understanding.