Blue Whale – Endangered Series/Spirit animal

This project has been going on for quite a long time. This 8 foot by 4 foot drawing has been the centre piece to finish the spiritual animals series with the largest animal on the planet being the inspiration for the size of the piece. This mural has been a challenge I have enjoyed massively not only because of its size but this was the first public drawing I have ever done and getting so many great comments from passers by has improved my confidence massively. I also have great news in that I was lucky enough to have two news articles about my public drawing so make sure to check them out with the Lancashire Telegraph and my university newspaper at Bucks New University.


Looking into the spiritual animal of the Whale it is a holder of wisdom, keeper of history, has a great importance in family, very peaceful and is very good with there communication skill. If this sounds anything like you comment bellow.


The Blue Whale is the Largest animal on the planet and can grow up to 100 feet long. There is an estimated 10,000 to 25,000 on the planet making them on the endangered list and also threatened to be critically endangered. Blue Whales are threatened by mostly us  human beings. Water pollution is making them lose there habitat but also fishing boats and there nets to catch other fish damage the whales. For more information and to maybe help the WWF visit there website to see there work and what they have been doing to help.



Urban Foxes Wall Mural

This Piece is a female and male Fox. This is show with the male growling but the female staying calm and still just looking forward. what this could improve on is that instead of it just being a black and white image it could show more indication of a fox by adding colour and the pop colour of orange to contrast the white.