Butterfly Project – Back From The Brink

In this project, I have been looking into the protection of British butterflies and the conservation of there habitat. Researching the British Red List of butterflies and looking into the work that the “Back From The Brink” project have done I thought I would base my work on their’s promoting the protection of these animals. The work I have created is Origami designs of the species of butterfly that are endangered or critically endangered in Britain with a “How to Make” sheet as well making awareness of there project and make more people aware of the problems they’re trying to solve.

The Large Blue
Chequered Skipper
Wood White
Marsh Fritillary
Duke of Burgundy

The eyes and the homeless man being so unseen and hidden has great meaning with the subtle darkness of the design being the very real truth. The man symbolizes having nowhere to go as there habitat is constantly destroyed and the eyes are to show that we need to look out for these creatures and make sure we don’t lose these animals in Britain.


Owl – Spirit Animals

This is the spirit animal of the Owl is this like you ?. The Owl is ability to see what others do not see, see beyond deceit and masks, have much Wisdom and the traditional meaning of the owl spirit animal is the announcer of death but more likely to mean a life transition or change. If this sounds like you comment below.